Hot, A Lot, & Close

by Bluntmuffin

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Recorded early to mid 2010, Philadelphia and DC


released May 11, 2010

All songs written/recorded by Dit/Bearcat, 2010


tags: rock Burke


all rights reserved


Bluntmuffin Burke, Virginia

Two dudes, two Macs, approximately 180 miles between them.

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Track Name: Here We Go
Here we go making history, first new album since 2003, still the best musically, rock you so eargasmically

Bluntmuffin, hu$tla bunz, collaboration, collaboration from the oven, fresh batch of bluntmuffin, these boys are back for something, tell your cousin, ladies stop shoving, there's enough lovin, sit back, relax, we'll break you off something, beat bumpin', chord strummin', get the party jumpin, no slouch and no slumpin', pass the drink and keep crunkin', keep our melodies hummin', keith and brad meet like a junction, like turkey and stuffin', second to nothin', bluntmuffin, made for mass consumption, like me, hustla b, now feed me somethin'...
Track Name: Paw You (Like a Grizzly Bear)
Come here with your short, short hair I'm gonna paw you like a grizzly bear/You move like a little fox, come here I wanna give you a toss/I'm feeling wild, like a wild animal/Gonna chew right through ya like bubble gum, I'm gonna chew chew through ya like bubble gum/

Dive down and aim so low, come and hit me like a whorepedo/One look and I can tell it's on, blow me up like a slutomic bomb/ I'm feelin' fine, like a fine young cannibal/Gonna chew right through ya like bubble gum, I'm gonna chew chew through ya like bubble gum/

You're the sweet girl left all alone/And I'm the wolf in sheep's clothes/Won't you let me walk you home? Won't you let me walk you home? Won't you let me walk you home? I'ma make you walk me home!

I'll rock you til the whole house moans...

And like the sun chases the night/I'm outta sight/At the first daylight
Track Name: Drunk At Your Wedding (I'm Gonna Be)
I have to say that I was impressed, when you came down the aisle in your wedding dress/You looked so good all dressed in white, a beautiful girl, a blushing bride/I remember those days back when we were young, how you and I had so much fun/We were the best of friends through thick and thin, now I'm wonderin' what could have been/Cause you're at the alter with somebody else, I'm sitting here all by myself/Just another guest I don't mean a thing, but watching you up there makes me need a drink...

I'm gonna get drunk at your wedding, I'm gonna be loud and make a scene/I'm gonna do lots of things that I'm sure to regret just so you don't forget me

I'll spend the reception drinking at the bar, cursing my luck and your lucky stars/As you dance around the room with your new husband, I'll be throwing back shot after shot of gin/I'll spit in the punchbowl, and cough on the cake and trip all the waiters as they carry in the plates/I'll hit on your sister and laugh at her friends, I'll spill red wine on all the groomsmen/Then during the toast I'll stand on my chair and call to the groom so that everyone hears, "Congratulations you have a great wife, but seeing her with you is ruining my life!"

For richer or for poorer, through sickness and through health, from this day forward there's no one else, I'm sure to die all by myself

And maybe years after your wedding, you'll look back and think of me/You'll remember how I looked that day, so drunk and so lonely
Track Name: (I've Never Had An Issue With Any) Tissue
I've never had an issue/With any tissue/Never quarreled, never fought/With any Kleenex box/But, yes, it's true/Sometimes I cried/Sometimes I dabbed at my eyes/With a little tissue square/But believe me when I swear/It never played a part/In breaking my heart/That was you.
Track Name: La La La (La La La)
La la la la la la la la la
On the over pass at the freeway, dropping rocks on cars all day, smashing windows, breaking glass, taking names and kicking ass, I'll kick your ass
Track Name: Hot, A Lot, & Close
Your heat is like a giant solar ray, warming up my entire galaxy, we're making heat just like a microwave, brightens up my day/Friction building from our rubbing jeans, heats up the space between you and me, there's nothing better than you on my team, hot, a lot, and close/

My sweet dear, I like you the most, when you're near to me, hot, a lot, and close

We have so much so be thankful dear, we found each other in the stratosphere, there's so many things that populate our scene, it's close to obscene/One is too few but two is not enough, three is just right but kinda makes it tough, so work with me we'll make our bodies rub, hot, a lot, and close

Now let us talk about proximity, about the space between you and me, and when your weight is pressed hard into me, that's as close as we can be/We'll walk the path together side by side, we'll tie our legs up my left to your right, so fast we'll stride into the great divide, hot, a lot, and close
Track Name: (Working) 9 to Fight
Every week, it's the same, nothing happens, nothing changes/We're so tired, tired and bored, and so ready for the weekend wars

We will never surrender without a fight, we're prepared to fight for Friday night/ We're gonna start a war, cuz we're the weekend warriors, always looking for more, and flippin' off our employers/We are claiming what's ours by right, no hesitation when the clock hits five/Cuz it's a war, and we're the weekend warriors, always looking to score, and our friends to join us

Nine to five, ball and chain, Monday to Friday, it's all the same/Punch in, punch out, collect a check and peace out
Track Name: I'm In Love (With A Gator)
I'm going down south to the port of New Orleans, cuz that's where my baby is waiting to marry me/She's a real Louisianan with the bayou in her genes, she's like no one you've ever met or anyone you've seen

I'm in love, with a gator, she sets my heart afire, makes me cold blood beat warm/She's the one, there's no one greater, and there's nothing upon this earth that could keep me from her arms

Her skin is like leather, her eyes are like orchids, her smile's so rare it could kill you with a kiss/She's got strong, lean legs and a tail you couldn't miss, and when she holds you close, it's something you won't forget

I'm going down south to the port of New Orleans, cuz that's where my baby is waiting to marry me/For as long as we're together we'll always be happy, I'll care for her and provide for her so that she's never hungry
Track Name: Blunt (In A Foreign Land)
I don't even speak this language right, I don't know the words it keeps me up at night/Your pronunciation is killing me, and the way you talk is thrilling me

Like a tourist in a foreign land

(Unknown) and a bit tongue tied, dry mouth and blurry eyed/I hear the words you say, but don't understand a thing, still something about you is speaking to me

Out of food and all alone, give me clothes and give me home
Track Name: Aleluia
I'll crack you with my boot, Aleluia/I'll smash out your front tooth, Aleluia/

And if you call the cops, I don't care/You can call the national guard, I wouldn't care/

I'll punch you in the nose, Aleluia/I'll try to crush your toes, Aleluia/

And if you cry and scream, I don't care/And when the angels sing, I'll see you there/
Track Name: Universe(less)
If the universe, keeps expanding, someday it'll break apart/And if the sun keeps on burning, someday it'll go dark/

You were born on a dying world, that is circling a dying star, that is part of a dying galaxy, so why don't you die with me?

If the world, keeps on turning, someday it'll turn too far/And if you keep on aging, someday your heart won't start

We could count the last days of our lives, as we watch the stars fall from the sky/We could share the last moments in time, as the world around us fades, and collapses into space, it'll be nice to see a familiar face

But if the universe, isn't expanding, and if our bodies never break/We'll still need to have someone to hold on to, as we hurl through outer space

We were born on a living world, that is circling a living star, that is part of a living galaxy, so why don't you live with me?