Stay Close, Little Daddy: Part 2

by Bluntmuffin

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released June 1, 2015


tags: rock Burke


all rights reserved


Bluntmuffin Burke, Virginia

Two dudes, two Macs, approximately 180 miles between them.

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Track Name: Energyman
Energyman aka Ryan Hodum/Spreading green power is his master plan/He'll light you up like no one else can/With a billion megawatts hidden in his pants/He's my energyman

Did you see him shake his unique hips? Did you see him kiss me on the lips?

So shocking it's electric when he plugs into my socket/He makes me totally lose my shit

No adapter needed for his charge/Just try to stay grounded when he's hard!

The energy from his hips it's like the power of a star/I felt his twinkling in my nards

Energyman aka Ryan Hodum/My man/Electrify me like a lightning storm/You light me up just like a flashing strobe lamp/Keep me glowing/Yo damn when you bend down and touch your toes and/Shake your hips you know I feel an explosion/I get soaked pants
Track Name: Greg
You're just a little guy/At the end of the line/It's after midnight/And you need a ride back home.


What's going on in your head? I hear you mumbling/But can't make out what you said/Are you sleepwalking?Can you go back to your bed?I hope you wake up soon/Before you wind up dead. Greg.

Do you believe in miracles? Or at least guardian angels? You were lost but I found you/In line at the drive-thru of Taco Bell.
Track Name: Unhealthy Alliance
I'm in an unhealthy alliance/An alliance I didn't choose/That fateful night I signed away my life/There was nothing I could do

A dark one with a chin strap/A pale one stands so tall/The clown prince Olly leaves his erotic visions on my wall

I wasn't always this way, I walked a Godly path/But now I've burned my bridges forward and my bridges back/There is no solace left I've fell so far from grace/I'm taunted daily by my lack of a man's embrace

This is my unhealthy alliance/These chains I cannot break/When I get the nerve to act my partners retaliate/Dripping milk on their belongings/Hoping this will free my soul/But then I let my guard down there's toilet water from the bowl

My lover has no concern she doesn't understand/I'm trapped in their spearmint spells bound tight to their demands/A refuge I still seek two floors up above/But damning looks abound my way tainting my one love

Tainted love

I'm in an unhealthy alliance/I'm swallowed up by fear/My partners in crime mean my demise, they're the enemies I hold dear/No other choice is left now, my lifestyle's so corrupt/I'm a danger to my wife and kids, there's tequila in my cup.
Track Name: Healing is a Process
dot dot dot dot dash dot dot dot dash dot dash dash dot dot dash dash dash dash dash dash dot dot dot dash dot dash dash
Track Name: What am I Doing Here?
What am I doing here? How long have I been down? Why is the room spinning around? Why is Merah on the ground? And why is she making that sound? Why are all the lights still on? I don't know where Brad has gone. Everything seems wrong. This headache is pretty strong. Why is the front door open wide? Has someone broken inside? And seriously where is Brad? Oh God where is Brad's cat? I think the cat ran in the hall. Now Merah's trying to crawl. I hear Brad moaning on his bed. What is this pounding in my head? What am I doing here? What was in our beer? This night has gotten weird. Must be something in the beer.
Track Name: The 3 Rules of Life
Well shit gets dry/When it gets wet/You put it out in the sun and that is that. And bitches get slapped/But not like that/When your roommate steps out of line and you react/And babies gotta learn/Or else they'll get burned/They'll do it over again and that's a fact.

These are the rules/The rules of life/You have to live by them or else you'll die/These are the rules/The rules of life/You better do what they say or else you'll die.

Shit gets dry/Is a metaphor for life/Some things just happen and you don't know why/And they say slap a bitch/Sure is misogynist/But it helps illustrate that in life you get what you give/And learning babies/Is really about you and me/If we don't learn from our mistakes we get spanked over life's knee

But it's all up to you/You live in the Petting Zoo/But your decision can make your day/You can choose right or wrong/Choose wrong get slapped by dong/Choose right and God will bless your way.