Stay Close, Little Daddy: Part 3

by Bluntmuffin

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released July 1, 2015


tags: rock Burke


all rights reserved


Bluntmuffin Burke, Virginia

Two dudes, two Macs, approximately 180 miles between them.

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Track Name: [insert name here]
Remember that time that thing we did? That place we went, that thing you said? Those memories we won't forget. We put them in song to reminisce.

This is a song about insert name here. Our favorite friend that we've known for years. We've shared ups and downs and laughs and tears. That's why we're singing about insert name here.

Here's another verse all about you. Some of it's funny; some of it's true. It's an inside joke only known to a few. And now it's a song cuz that's what we do.

You were always more than just one of the crowd! Now you've got a song so sing it LOUD!
Track Name: Oh No!
Oh no! The way the ocean's rocking this boat! It's gonna make me sick. I'm starting to feel it. I'm gonna go for a little breather below. Just gonna take a minute, spend some time on the toilet. Try to make me feel all right. I hope I feel all right. Cuz I don't feel all right.

Oh no! I think I taste my lunch in my throat. Gotta turn around this seat, so I don't throw up on me. But the bathroom door swung and knocked me down to the floor. My pants are down my knees; my head is starting to bleed.

I don't feel all right.
Track Name: I Challenge You
You know you look yellow because you're so scared to love me/And I know I look red to you but I am only blushing/You tell me not to take things so personally/But how am I supposed to take it when you call a personal foul on my team!

I challenge you. When I see you on the ground, I want to get down get down witchu!

I know you play the game always attached to his hip/But you know that he's dropping you for an offsides or an illegal hit/And when he does I'm gonna meet you there down on the ground; I'll be there, too/I'll be the one down there next to you begging and pleading for a booth review!

Just give me that booth review! I use all my time outs. I use them all to challenge you!
Track Name: Love Covers
Slipping over you so smooth/Gives me shape protecting you/Shake my corners til you rest/Fold me underneath; we're set.

We're made to be together/I'll keep out flakes and hair dander/We can make great things happen/Cradle heads for napping

You're soft and milky white/I'm rough and tumble wash and dry/Covering you yarn by yarn/I'm the Boxer on our farm.

We need to be connected/From drool I'll keep you protected/We can make great things happen/Cradle heads for napping

You're the left to my right/Stuck in between legs at night/We can make great things happen/Muffle screams orgasm.
Track Name: Spirit Runner
When I was running/Past my limits/I met my animal spirits.

Armadillo, otter, bearcat, rabbit/Give me the power to finish.

Gotta keep on moving. Even though I'm tired gotta keep on moving.

Now when I'm running/And ready to quit/I listen for the animal spirits.
Track Name: Ticket2Ride
Well she asked me if she could spend the night/So I opened the door and let her inside/I watched her clear the floor and dim the light/Then she called to me to sit by her side/And when I did I saw her plans for the night/She had brought with her a ticket. To ride.

She said she'd never played it with just one guy/But she didn't mind if I give it a try/Well the cards I was dealt they looked all right/And with my route lined up I didn't see why/I couldn't lay some track with her tonight/So I said give me that ticket. To ride.
Track Name: Burke, VA
We grew up in Burke, Virginia. At the end of two pipestems. We each had basements. Where we'd hang out with our friends. We had nothing to do, but we'd do it again.

In class we drew cartoons about our friends. And argued about our favorite bands. You liked Smashing Pumpkins. And you liked Pearl Jam. We had nothing to do, but we'd do it again.

After school we'd run around the track. We were always somewhere near the back. Talking about our plans for the coming weekend. We had nothing to do, but we'd do it again.

When school was out we'd hang out at the pool. Or at Best Buy buying CDs that were cool. Driving in our parents' van without any plans. We had nothing to do, but we'd do it again.

In Burke, VA.